Biomedical Engineering Unit

1st Dpt. of Cardiology, Medical School, National University of Athens



Biomedical Engineering Unit at the 1st Department of Cardiology of the Medical School of the National University of Athens is located at the Hippokration General Hospital of Athens. It was established in 2004 by Professor Christodoulos Stefanadis. The Unit has three faculty members, four Ph.D students and two research associates. 

The objectives of the Unit are the education and research in the field of biomedical engineering and technology.

Educational courses for undergraduate and post-graduate students are provided on the topics: medical technology, biomechanics and bioinformatics. 

Research activities within the Biomedical Engineering Unit are focused on:

- New diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used in invasive cardiology

- Cardiovascular technology

- Hemodynamics

- Medical Imaging

- Signal processing

- Medical software engineering

- Data mining and biostatistics

- Validation of medical devices and diagnostic techniques

- Bioinformatics